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Stranger Than Usual

Have you ever seen a stranger on the street and known in an instant that they'd be an excellent person to date your ex? Something about the carriage of their head, the way they meet your eyes, unashamed in public, grinning at you a little from under their fluffy hat. He could love you, I think. Easily. He could love you and you'd sing songs together and romp around and have adventures in odd places. And I'd hate to hate you and probably love you too after the jealousy faded. Cause you look awesome and fun and I've always had trouble understanding ownership anyway. I wondered once what she was thinking, peeking at one such girl on the V train. Did she look back at me thinking her ex would like me too? Or maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe she was just looking at me alone, dreaming little dreams, a half smile turned away at the last second. Who knows why people stare at each other in the subway anyway?

Getting There (a strike story)

"I'm sorry. It's awful, I know." "It's- Yes." "I tried four times. I can't write block letters. It's the reason kenan never let me draw the stadium posters. I was only allowed to color them in." "Look, it's fine. Do you have a ruler we can use to hold it up?" He folded the piece of paper in half so that the lettering was more prominent and the crossed out M resembling a W was no longer visible underneath. "But nobody will be able to understand what it says." "It's ok. Anybody who sees two kids with a sign is going to know they want a ride and that they want a ride to Manhattan." "Greatest city in the world." Yesterday and the day before, some desperate drivers took us in through the tunnel to meet their quota. So our plan was to try to shorten our walk and get a ride TO the tunnel, or even better, to the bridge. "Look, this time let's not get in just any old car that stops f