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And then came the winds

             This is not a blog about the hurricane.  Or maybe it is.  It is about the winds that came in and blew things around this month.  Hurricane Sandy was one of those winds.  It was a wind that blew out the power in Manhattan, filling our house with guests for a week. It was a wind that wrecked the restaurant where Michael picked up a Sunday shift; the unexpected days-off giving him a new softening between his shoulder blades and an easy laugh on Sunday mornings.  It was a wind that brought news of my best friend’s engagement, marrying her to a very different future from the one we laughed about on innocent college walks years ago.              The wind came and blew away my confidence in a video client, helping me to let go of yet another job that was to be my “big break,” leaving behind a sort of emptiness and the itchy feeling of abandoning a script unshot.               The wind blew in my friend’s lives as well.  Making one man (a friend of a friend) take h