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So next week, my dear little kat is leaving us for the sultry summers of Washington DC and the warm companionship of her Suzy. The whole thing has left me at a loss. Who is going to wind around my ankles when I cook dinner or take naps on my bed while I sit hunched at the computer? Who is going to follow me around the house and snatch at my toes when I prop my feet on the coffeetable? And walk me as far as the front door when I leave? What, oh what am I going to do without my kat? So last week, I went out and brought home cat. He doesn't have a name yet and spends most of the day cowering under the bed. He's just like me I think. Kat scoffs at his shyness and rolls over into the sunbeam by the pillow. "What is he so afraid of?" she asks and purrs.