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the beginnings of goodbye

I wrote this back in February of 2010.  And now, given the circumstances, I think it is appropriate to post here. I discovered Greenpoint by accident on a really good day.  K had just finished cutting my hair in the courtyard of my building to the accompaniment of B’s sound effects and singing. “How does your hair get so BIG? ”  His explosive poof sounds illustrating my giant hair’s refusal to be less giant, even under enthusiastic sheers, made it hard for K to cut straight from the laughing.  We were twenty-three.  Terrified. A year out of college, broke, and clueless.  And only sometimes aware of how happy we were.  It was a Wednesday and none of us had anywhere to be, so we decided to leave my apartment in Williamsburg and go exploring.  The three of us, one with a lighter head, set out for a walk in the new spring warmth, talking a mile a minute, sometimes singing, pointing out the things we found beautiful. We walked in circles.  We lost track of time.  But then w