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    This morning, I caught myself muttering, half-awake, in the shower, "....cookie road.... coookieeee roadddd......." I think I REALLY wanted it to be the weekend. It made me think about how the new little bakery next to my house has imbued my saturdays with a sense of vacation. Just sitting in the shade under the bright orange awning, sipping a coffeedrink, nibbling on a macaroon, watching the people walk Europe in a cup.    One weekend I was out of town and I called Katerina. All she said was, "hello?" But I could tell by the tone of her voice where she was.    "You at cookie road?"    "Yup!"    It is that kind of place.    But this morning it was thursday, and so instead of orange awnings, there was the oppressive subway heat and the commute into Manhattan. But soon, soon... I thought about the bright cookies piled neatly on their racks and tried to figure out what to order when the time finally came. And then discovered I w