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three things I saw today... 1. a dragon made of sand 2. a man using the energy of his chi to draw water upwards from a basin to his outstretched palms 3. a batterypack-toting, electric-guitar-playing, turbaned man on rollerblades The northeast was hit by the biggest blizzard of the season today. So I went to the beach, wriggled my toes in the sand, and tried to remind myself that I wasn't on vacation. This is where I live . Snowmen, sleds, wrestling and forts will have to wait for next season.


Toby calls it the disco jesus. It’s the only thing adorning our living room wall: a gilt-framed mirror about twelve inches high and ten inches wide. It seems innocent enough, if a little tacky. But there is a switch at the base of this mirror which controls a series of lights concealed behind the glass. Once activated, the mirrored glass becomes transparent to reveal (of course) a miniature jesus writhing in agony on a plastic cross. This morning I caught myself using the mirror to fix my hair. Needless to say, I’ve felt a bit odd ever since.

keeping balance

If I stand on my bed and hold my laptop above my head, I get just enough of a wireless signal to watch strongbad e-mails. The tricky part is seeing the monitor from this angle. from myspace:

it's not easy being

After ten days of rain, the sand-colored mountains are now a wealthy new zealand green. I can't look away. Which of course makes driving quite difficult.