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doog feirg

What's the sound of a black hole eating St. Louis? I need to know. Right now, it sounds like an avalanche, two earthquake rumbles, glass crashing and a fire engine. But a true blackhole wouldn't sound like that. It would be silent. Or at best, every BAM would sound like MAB and the BOOMs would be MOOB MOOB, like a record played in reverse as the sound gets sucked in. OOOD OOOD OOOD. And the people would shout PLEH! PLEH! PLEH EM! But they wouldn't really have a chance to shout would they, because they'd be dead, ripped apart, their quantum components tossed throughout the universe. from myspace:


We were all at the Intermediate company party. Good food, free drinks, and a pretty nice view for LA. But the dj was only playing cocktail music, and we were ready for the dancing. "Do you know who's at the bar downstairs?" someone asked. And that's how I got my picture taken at a Dreamworks party.