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of mice and men

            This is not my story.  It is Michael’s story.  But I like it so I’m telling it as I remember hearing it.              There was a time when Michael was a bartender at a fancy restaurant in New Orleans.  During his shift, he was often sent to the far corners of the restaurant where other people didn’t go.  Once while searching for a jar of olives in the wine cellar, he heard a terrible sound.  He rounded a corner to discover a mouse stuck on a shelf, its bottom glued fast to a trap.  It was screaming in a mousey way, struggling helplessly to free itself. Now if any of you have ever encountered a mouse in a glue trap, it’s a pretty terrible sight.  Far from the  quick and grizzly death of a spring trap, the glue trap keeps its victim in a slow, terrible contest until the mouse starves to death.  Michael knew, and the mouse probably knew too, that it would never get out of that trap alive, and the torment would continue- for days.             Michael contemplated  hi