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freedom parkway, atlanta georgia

Atlanta gave me a present today. It rained. Everyone driving by got a chance to stare at the drenched girl grinning stupidly to herself on the path alone.

recent discoveries part two

1. Today was the first day that I didn't look at the mountains with a "where the hell am I?" sense of displacement. Driving along the freeway with the borrowed freedom of a beat-up rental car, surrounded by the crag and brush of the hills of glendale, while speeding upwards above the smog to the cooler air and better views, the mountains suddenly seem familiar. And by being familiar, they let me love them, just a little bit. 2. Do you ever look at a map and automatically assume that East is where the water is? It's so confusing to think that if I want to find the beach, the direction to drive is west.

cleaning the negative part two

It's one of the easiest tasks there is. And I SUCK at it.

cleaning the negative

15 hours of eye burning, shoulder-aching tedium later, we discover that the computer hasn't been saving the files. and so I begin again

living and breathing

1. roommate: "I've got a 9:30 bus" 2. librarian: "Can I see some I.D?" 3. coffeedude: "Out of five?" That's about it. sigh .... but THEN, a voice out of the dark: "What are you reading?" (It's coffeedude) "Oh, Nine Stories is great. You know what else is great? Camus' The Stranger" (huh? but I'll take it) Thank the good lord for friendly people-- and the motives they have for talking to me. (migrating over from myspace:)

recent discoveries

1) There is a form of yoga called barbarian yoga during which the subject sits cross-legged on the floor and convulses his spine while making all kinds of whistling noises. If you ever get the chance to watch your roommate perform this routine, I highly recommend it. 2) The woman who picked me up at the airport last week was five foot five, weighed 113 pounds (by her own admission), had platinum blond hair, wore sunglasses indoors, and put on white satin gloves when she drove (to protect her hands from the sun). She arrived at the "Roar" lion film screening dressed for a fashion safari. Despite this, she's a proud Democrat and we both breathed easier at this discovery. 3) My librarian got all teary-eyed today when she learned that I moved here from Brooklyn, her own home town. "Why did you ever want to leave?" she asked.

week two

I started my second week sitting by the pool and thinking about aliens. One could get used to this I think.