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batbat sings

My piano teacher used to issue this warning: "jack of all trades, master of none." But what if jack is just happy puttering away on logic and then posting anonymously to the cacophony of myspace? Anyway, here are some happily mediocre, late-night adventures in songwriting -- --

movie magic

        So my short film was about a man who finds a magic ring in the fountain at the Plaza Real. He slips it on his finger and is immediately split in two. He is lost, he is torn. He chases himself endlessly through the labyrinth of the Bari Goti.         I had bought a ring, a prop ring, at a costume jewelry store in Greenpoint before departing for Barcelona. But when it came time to shoot my short, four days into our adventure, the ring was nowhere to be found. I dug through every cranny of the room, emptied every pocket, but it never materialized.         “Magic Ring! Reveal Yourself To Me!” I called out the spell that had worked so well for Sarah when she couldn’t find the tuner button on the stereo, but further inspection of pockets and drawers revealed nothing. Chris closed his eyes and whispered a quick prayer to Saint Anthony for the magic ring. “Tony’s found my some pretty crazy shit,” he said. And still, I never found it.         So instead, I found a little shop th