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the viewers want teeth

     Joe looked concerned. "We went half an hour over budget because it took them a while to find the footage."      "We won't have to pay for the extra time," said the post supervisor. "Don't worry."       "Well, it's sort of our fault. See, I told them we wanted the Jurrasic Shark footage, and they thought we meant Raging Sharks 2 . I forgot to tell them about the title change. So they spent all morning looking for the old Shark Attack shots instead of Hammerheads ."      "Ok," said the post-super after the briefest of pauses. "We'll have to pay for that." I think the number is ten. This company has made ten shark movies in five years. from myspace:

how to stand

My modern dance teacher has a voice like a drill sergeant. "Pull up! Get your tailbone down. Bat-Sheva, get your butt underneath you. Do you hear me? Pull your butt in! Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see what I'm talking about? You're sticking out!" I didn't have to look. I knew what she was talking about. But I did what she said. I turned sideways and looked in the mirror, and there it was, the bfa, looking as b and as f as ever, and rebelliously sticking up despite all of my strained and sweaty efforts to suck in and tilt down. "You need to go home and practice this," she said, pushing my tailbone down to a point I could barely maintain while standing, let alone dancing. How do they do it? It's not like I was the only in there with a bfa. But somehow everyone else had theirs under control. They can all balance better and turn better and do all sorts of things that my heavy hips and I only dream about. So I resolved to go home and


I tried to clear it, I really did. But it was a white elephant. So while I was listening to my breathing, I was thinking about gingerbread boyfriends and how she's dating her cookie. During the sun salutations I was cursing my weak arms and wondering if I had any more clean underwear or enough change for the drier. I tried to breath through my heart, to focus on one point, to bend a little more and think a little less. Instead, I wondered why it made me feel vulnerable to lift my sternum. I thought about Wilco concerts and shooting dv at the basketball court and how it was more difficult to lunge this week and how some of these poses look more like positions, and maybe I should have taken dance today instead? Finally, finally, during meditation, through some force of will, I found it. The blackness lasted 3/4 of a second. Then I was fast asleep and dreaming about chickens. Chickens! sheesh.